Papp Irmologion Description

Published in Presov in 1970

The Papp Irmologion is the primary example of the great thaw in relations between the communist government and the church in the 70s. This anthology was the first printing of music for liturgical use since WWII for the region and filled an important void. The book also contains a forward and a short chant history in both English and Slovak in the appendix. The book is in translitterated Church Slavonic with western music notation.

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The title pages and contents:
Eight Tones
Great Fast
Paschal Season
Fixed Feasts
Occasional Services
Chant History

Bibliographic Information

Papp, Stefan. Irmologion : Grekokatolickij liturgijnyj spiv eparchiji mukacevskoji. Presovi: Greko Katolikij Ordinariat, 1970.
Hard Cover 9.5 wide by 12.25 high 200 pages. Western music notation with transliterated Church Slavonic
Library of Saint Cyril & Methodius — M 2160.79I5 P19 1970— Catalog Entry

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