Bokshai / Kochan Prostopinije Description

Published in Presov in 1943

Bokshai & Kochan collaborated on this collection of liturgical hymns for the Sunday eight tone cycle. The book largely provides a single convenient volume for these Sunday hymns. The book is in Cyrillic Church Slavonic but uses a typescript face from a typewriter instead of real typesetting and the musical notation is hand written onto the printed staff. The quality of both the paper and the printing is rather low.

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The title pages and contents:
Tropar & Kondak

Bibliographic Information

Bokshai, Ioann, and I Kochan. Tserkovnoe Prostop’inie. Presovi: Privately Published, 1943.
Fiberboard Cover 8.5″ wide by 13″ high 109 pages. Typescript Cyrillic Church Slavonic with handwritten notation privately published and copied.
Library of Saint Cyril & Methodius — M 2160.79P94 B63 1943— Not yet entered into on-line Catalog

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