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Carpatho-Rus' - Living Tradition Radio Program with Jerry Jumba
WEDO 810 AM Sundays at Noon Eastern Standard Time

with folklore musicologist, cantor, musician, orchestra and choir conductor, and music lover, Host: Jerry John Jumba sharing the joy and love of lively folk art songs, instrumentals, Eastern Christian Carpatho-Rusin Liturgical Chant, guest co-hosts, the many voices of Rusin\Rusyn culture in Europe and America, and news.

Share this precious half hour of cultural connection starting this Sunday February 8, 2009, at 12 noon. Call a few people whom you know will enjoy the radio program, and ask them to call somebody, and ask them to call somebody and share the joy.... Thank you because the potential for Carpatho-Rus' community connection and solidarity is divine! Make it so! Don't be shy. I need your listener support.

If you enjoy Carpatho-Rus' - Living Tradition Radio on WEDO 810 AM please call WEDO radio management during the week at 412-664 - 4444 ( 664-4431) at tell them you love it. Don't be shy to help keep us on the waves by sending your help with a $10 or 15 check to "WEDO 810 Radio" :

"WEDO 810 Radio"
Carpatho-Rusin - Living Tradition Radio
1985 Lincoln Highway
White Oak , PA 15131

Send your radio information - song requests to the above address.
Welcome! Listen and Sing along. It is good for your soul!
Vítajte! Sluhajte i Spívajte. To je dobri pro vasąu dusąu!

Best regards always, Z Bohom, Jerry John Jumba

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At WEDO 810 AM - a short Carpatho-Rusin\Rusyn Radio History

The first regularly scheduled Carpatho-Rusin Radio Program in the United States was broadcast on WEDO 810 AM in McKeesport\White Oak, PA. for seven years from 1997 through 2003. It was the only Carpatho-Rusin radio program in the United States, and the cultural philosophy was to help American Carpatho-Rusins regain the enjoyment and the knowledge of the expressive cultural heritage that reveals the continuity and development of a beautiful civilization, and nurture and stimulate cultural growth and continuity in each generation.

Since 1997,the radio host, Mr Jerry Jumba of McKees Rocks, PA, has done the radio research preparation to serve about 180 Carpatho-Rusin broadcast hours, about 360 half hour broadcasts featuring great folk art songs from European and American Carpatho-Rusin performance ensembles and individual artists, giving three live performances in the WEDO Radio studio, featuring a series of sixty interviews called "Voices of Rusin Culture", and serving the inspiring living tradition sacred music of Eastern Christian [Byzantine Catholic and Orthodox] Carpatho-Rusin Liturgical Chant in natural harmony. {Slava Isusu Christu!}

For several decades, Radio WEDO 810 AM in In McKeesport - and then White Oak, has been well known as "The Station Of Nations" because of the many unique educational broadcasts of the diverse American cultural multiplicity of non-English living cultures and languages. In America, and specifically in this tri-state region around Western Pennsylvania, American Carpatho-Rusins had come to progressive educational radio programing some four or five decades later then the surrounding ethnic groups such as Ukrainians, Poles, Slovaks, Slovenians, Lithuanians,Irish, Croatians, Serbians, Greeks, and Indians {India}, and more. Until 1997, American Carpatho-Rusins never had their own community supported regular educational and entertainment radio program interactive with Rusin folk art music, news events, and liturgical music programing. Within the Byzantine Catholic Archieparchy of Pittsburgh, Carpatho-Rusins did have Bishop John M. Bilock's Radio Apostolate which served a phenomenal amount of prayer outreach for God at work among us for forty years with the beautifully chanted congregational living tradition Divine Liturgy and numerous prayer services in the Rusin Slavonic language and Carpatho-Rusin Liturgical Chant, with many hundreds of sermons in the Carpatho-Rusin language, and later in English.

From 1997 through 2003 the "Carpatho-Rus' Radio Program" served several thousand listeners in the tri-state area, treating them to the arts of Rusin songs, dances, instrumental music, and living tradition plain chant, also known as "prostopinije", and interviews with the voices of Rusin\Rusyn culture discussing Rusin activities, cultural issues, religious issues, and learn of the coming events of interest to the Carpatho-Rusin community in the tri-state area. We are thankful that the Carpatho-Rusyn Society, whose national membership headquarters is in Pittsburgh, gave partial co-sponsor support to the "Carpatho-Rus' Radio Program", along with listener support. Listener support fell short of the need to adequately fund and sustain the program, but listeners were interactive with the program and plentiful in the thousands. That is the support issue phenomenon of that era that ended the broadcast after seven years.

Hundreds of radio listeners have sent dedication notes for music selections to be played for their loved ones with birthday or anniversary greetings to family members and friends, or to a prayer request with a special hymn. Seasonal theme shows have been produced which highlight Christmas, Lent, and the Paschal seasons. There were stirring performances of Orthodox and Byzantine Catholic choirs congregations in Europe and America, and the amazing unprecedented Eastern Christian ecumenical performances of the Song Tour of Carpatho-Rus' choir and orchestra.

The songs of every Rusin region were played from professional recordings of solo artists and groups, and also delightful folk art amateur field recordings. The high artistic standards and extensive repertoire of ensembles such as the Transcarpathian Folk Art Choir and Orchestra of Uzhhorod, and the Dukla (PULS) Ensemble of Presov, were regular radio features. Singers share deep feelings for their Rusyn music traditions, including the soulful congregational harmonization of Rusin Liturgical Chant whose standard is the sacred musical bond of inspiration for some 1.2 million Carpatho-Rusyns who live in Transcarpathian Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Canada, and the United States.

Voices of Rusin Culture guest interviews through the years included:

1. Christmas special which featured a heartfelt and articulate discussion of Rusin Christmas customs and foods with Pani Mary Buletza from St. Michael's Orthodox Church in Rankin, Pa.,
2. Rusyn Song Artist Beata Begeniova Salakova of Presov, Slovakia - on her impressions of performing with American Rusyns;
3. Edward Boyko, President of the United Societies Byzantine Catholic fraternal organization in McKeesport on fraternal history and insurance;
4.Metropolitan Bishop Nicholas of the Carpatho-Russian (Rusin) Orthodox Diocese in Johnstown, PA - on Eastern Christian unity - Rusin identity, and his visit to the Bishop's conference in Rome on behalf of Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew.
5. There was expert color commentary of mushroom picker Charles "Cy" Sidun of (Presston) McKees Rocks Presston);
6. Helen Hopey of Moon Township, Pa - on making award winning - "Best in the Burg" Holy Ghost Church Pirohi from Mckees Rocks;
7. Dr. Walter (Orenich) Orange of N. Hundtingdon - a Carpatho-Rusyn Society Board Member stewarding medical help and financial aid for Rusyn educational institutions in Transcarpathia,
8. Jack Poloka of Mckees Rocks, - on the Rusyn activities of Slavjane Folk Art Ensemble;
9. Martiza Mosquera - Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh Program Coordinator at the Andy Warhol Museum - on the big "Carpatho-Rusyn Easter Egg Extravaganza" event in April of 1998;
10. John Senich Righetti, Carpatho-Rusyn Society President of Mars, PA - on the Akcija Visla Seminar about resettled Lemko Rusyns in late 1940s, and reflective commentary of the learning process of 3rd Carpatho-Rusyn Heritage Tour of the homelands;
11. Articulate student traveler Maria Silvestri of Monroeville, Pa - a twelve year old's observations of the 3rd Rusyn Heritage Tour in 1998;
12. Mary Kostrubanic, a 20 something upcoming American Rusyn singer from N. Huntingdon, Pa - on learning and loving to sing, her Rusin identity, and her experiences as an American Carpatho-Rusin competing in the Miss Czechoslovak pageant of Ohio;
13. Music teacher and Mendelssohn Choir singer Theresa Vosko Haas of Pittsburgh, Pa - on organizing a delightful genealogical family reunion which rediscovered their Rusyn roots and related family memories;
14. Dr. Patricia Krafcik, "Carpatho-Rusyn American" Editor, Russian language and world classics teacher of Evergreen University in Olympia, Washington - reflecting on the jubilant 20th anniversary celebration of the Carpatho-Rusyn American journal, an unprecedented and highly influential educational journal with fine writing on current events, social and cultural history, folklore, and a provocative forum for the advancement of Carpatho-Rusyn cultural education,
15. Eva Riecianska, M.A. from Bratislava's - Institute of Ethnology - Slovak Academy of Sciences - on her experiences and studies of Rusyns in Western Pennsylvania; 16. Dr. Tatiana Jarosova of John Carol University, Cleveland - on Rusyns and the Velvet Revolution;
17. Marta Kamenjicki and her father, Juljan Kamenjicki, Editor for 38 years of the "Ruske Slovo" weekly newspaper for Rusins in Novi Sad, Serbia, Yugoslavia - on the extensive educational and cultural activities of Rusins in Yugoslavia;
18. Dr. Robert Carl Metil, Research Fellow, Department of Ethnomusicology, University of Pittsburgh - on the popular ascendancy and hierarchy of Rusyn folk art singers in Slovakia;
19. Dr. Paul R. Magocsi, a Professor of History and Political Science, and the most prolific writer (over 350 publications) on Carpatho-Rusyns, of Toronto, Canada - on the 20th anniversary of the Carpatho-Rusyn Research Center, its publishing accomplishments in education and the far reaching activities stemming from its many publications. 20..... etc and many more interviews... i tak dalej ...

WEDO Radio Station in McKeesport\ White Oak was and is under the management of John James, who continues to offer unique and delightful ethno-cultural programming for the enjoyment and educational benefit of its listeners in the tri-state area. He has been most kind and helpful to the Carpatho-Rusin\Rusin community in his encouragement of these Carpatho-Rus' Radio program broadcasts. He deserves special recognition of thanks from the approximately 50,000 Americans of Rusin descent in Western PA, and there are the multi-ethnic listener as well, from whom we heard hundreds of appreciative interactive comments. We encouraged our listeners to share their cultural development thoughts with us at WEDO, and to tell others about this special radio cultural experience that came into their home during the years 1997 - 2003.

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