SSJC Pgh – October 2019

Topic: Joint Orthodox/Catholic Statement on Vocation & Mission of the People of God

On Wednesday October 30, 2019 the Society of St. John Chrysostom in Pittsburgh held our seventh meeting.

The many fruitful efforts over the years producing joint statements from Orthodox/Catholic dialogs have concentrated on theological areas of dispute. This most recent publication on the vocation and mission of the people of God moves into the territory of shared understanding but at the same time a critical issue for all organized religions in the United States.

Fr. Stelyios outlined the role the laity have given their baptismal commission and royal priesthood in Christ. This is especially noted in relation to synodality executed by the church.

Of particular importance is how individualism, clericalism and ecumenical disunity impacts the vocation of the laity. Fr. Stelyios outlined responses to each of these challenges that could be executed by engaged laity. Incarnational Phronema for Individualism, Humbling Service for Clericalism and Return to the Past / Focus on Eschaton for ecumenical disunity.

We thank Fr. Stelyios for his enlightening walk through this important new joint document. And we thank our gracious host institution of SS Cyril & Methodius Seminary.

Presenter: Father Dr. Stelyios S. Muksuris, MLitt, PhD, ThD

Fr. Stelyios emigrated to Boston when he was 5 years old and grew up in that city. He earned his BA & MDiv from Holy Cross also in Boston.  He went on to complete his MLitt in Byzantine Patristic Liturgy & PhD in Liturgical Theology from Durham University.

Fr. Steliyios is currently serving as Professor and chair of Liturgy at SS Cyril & Methodius in Pittsburgh. He is Protopresbyter of the Greek Orthodox parish in Aliquippa, PA. As well as the Liturgical & theological consultant of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Pittsburgh.


Joint Statement Text

The North American Orthodox-Catholic Theological Consultation published this joint statement in May of this year 2019. The document can be read here.


  • The Mystery of Baptism
  • The People of God
    • Baptism and Orders
    • The Eucharistic Community
  • The Ministry and Mission of the Laity
    • Implications for Synodality
  • Challenges for the People of God: Clericalism, Individualism, and Ecumenical Reunion
  • Conclusion