Juniper Day One Books Learning Paths

The Day One Million Celebration in April 2019, where the 1 millionth download or purchase of these great resources will also hit their 10 year anniversary.  I’ve organized by topic the resources available.

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Learn About Series

More material is available in the Juniper Learn About series that is similarly organized by topic.

Index of topic areas

Switching Topics

EX series Up and Running 2nd Edition

Configuring EX Series 3rd Edition

Data Center Topics

Data Center Fundamentals

Virtual Chassis Fabric Poster

Junos Fusion Data Center

EVPN for DCI – Ethernet VPN for Data Center Interconnect

EVPN – VXLAN in the Data Center

Routing Topics

Routing the Internet Protocol

Configuring Junos Policies and Firewall Filters

RIB Groups Poster

Monitor Traffic Command Poster

BGP Routing Security

Deploying BGP FlowSpec

IPv6 Topics

Exploring IPv6

Advanced IPv6 Configuration

CoS – Class of Service Topics

CoS – Class of Service Poster

Deploying Basic QoS

Advanced Junos CoS Troubleshooting Cookbook

Junos QoS for IOS Engineers

MPLS Topics

MPLS Up and Running

MPLS for Enterprise Engineers

Deploying BGP Multicast VPNs, 2nd Edition

Segment Routing with JUNOS – SPRING

North Star Controller Up and Running

MX Series Topics

Expert Packet Walk Through on the MX Series 3D

CG NAT Up and Running – Carrier Grade Network Address Translation

Dynamic Subscriber Management

vMX Up and Running

SBR Change of Authorization (CoA) and the MX Series. – Steel Belted RADIUS

Security Services Topics

SDSN – Software Defined Secure Networks Poster Overview

SRX Series Security Services Poster

SRX Up and Running with Advanced Security Services

Junos Space Security Director Poster

MACsec Up and Running

VPN Poster



AWS vSRX Cookbook

Virtualization Topics


AWS vSRX Cookbook

vMX Up and Running

Deploying ZTP with EX & vSRX – Zero Touch Provisioning

Network Automation Topics

Automating Junos with Ansible

Automating Junos with SALT

Junos PyEZ Cookbook

Using jSNAP to Automate Network Verifications

Automating Network Verification with jSNAPy – Python on top of jSNAP

Deploying ZTP with EX & vSRX – Zero Touch Provisioning

General Networking & Protocols Topics

Hardware Defined Networking

Exploring the Junos CLI 2nd Edition

Finishing Junos Deployments

Checklist for Finishing Junos Deployments

Hardening Junos Devices 2nd Edition

Hardening Junos Devices – Appendix – Medium Security

Hardening Junos Devices – Checklist

Data Center Fundamentals

PTP – Precision Time Protocol Poster

Packet Optical Networks FEC – Forward Error Correction Poster

Network Control & Monitoring Platforms

Using jSNAP to Automate Network Verifications

Automating Network Verification with jSNAPy  -Python on top of jSNAP

North Star Controller Up and Running

Understanding OpenContrail Architecture (Now known as Tungsten Fabric)

SBR Change of Authorization (CoA) and the MX Series. – Steel Belted RADIUS

Network Cookbooks & Examples

Juniper Ambassador Cookbook 2018

AWS vSRX Cookbook

Junos PyEZ Cookbook

Juniper Ambassador Cookbook 2017

Juniper Ambassador Cookbook 2014

Juniper Ambassador Cookbook for Enterprise

Junos Tips, Techniques, and Templates 2011

Cisco to Junos Topics

Junos For IOS Engineers

Migrating Cisco to Junos

Junos QoS for IOS Engineers

Migrating EIGRP to OSPF