Winter Pascha: Reflections on Phillipian Fast

Winter Pascha is the term coined by Father Thomas Hopko and the title of his book of reflections for the Phillipian Fast.  This forty day fast before the feast of the Nativity on December 25.  The book is organized as a daily reflection for the period.  there are forty short sections covering the important themes that help prepare for the incarnation of our Lord.

I love this book.  I highly recommend it.  See the bibliography entry at the bottom and read this work.  Give it to your friends.

The pdf files are are NOT a substitute for reading the book.  They are a capsulation of some key themes that are reformatted into parish bulletin format.  They can be printed on a single sheet of legal paper both sides and folded.  There are six for the Sundays that will span the period of the fast.

All material is free for use in church or education but may not be sold or otherwise profited from. I do retain copyright on all material.

Winter Pascha Chapter 1

Winter Pascha Chapter 2

Winter Pascha Chapter 3

Winter Pascha Chapter 4

Winter Pascha Chapter 5

Winter Pascha Chapter 6

I’m not perfect, so comments and suggestions are appreciated and I do incorporate them into updates of may material.

Hopko, Thomas. The winter Pascha. Crestwood, N.Y.: St Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 1984.
This provides forty short meditations for the preparation for the Nativity.  This allows one per day during the traditional forty day fast before the feast known as the Phillipian fast.  Hopko compares this fasting period to the Great Fast before the feast of Pascha, hence the title.  He points out the connections between the feasts of the Nativity and Pascha along the way.

Originally Posted November 09, 2009
Last Revised on August 15, 2010