Society of Saint John Chrysostom – Pittsburgh

The Society of Saint John Chrysostom promotes understanding of Eastern Christian Churches and promotes Christian unity of east and west while providing material support to Eastern Christian churches.

*****Forming a Pittsburgh Chapter of the Society of Saint John Chrysostom****

We are looking to form a Pittsburgh local chapter of the Society of Saint John Chrysostom.  The basic starting format would be periodic two hour meetings opening with prayer and holding a lecture or discussion on a related topic with a speaker or leader announced in advance.

Blogs about SSJC:

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  • Suggestions for Topics or speakers
  • volunteer your location for a meeting
  • Or join the steering committee


Upcoming events

List of upcoming events and the past events of the SSJC in Pittsburgh.

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Greater Pittsburgh Parish Bulletin Announcements List

This mailing list sends a pre-meeting announcement asking parishes to include the upcoming SSJC meetings in their parish bulletin.  Only one announcement request is sent in advance of each meeting.

History and Mission

Founded in London, UK in 1926, the Society of Saint John Chrysostom has three main areas of mission:

Education and promotion of Eastern Christian Churches history, worship, spirituality and theology

  • Create educational programs
    • Publish educational material
    • Encourage learning and research
  • Working for Christian Unity East & West
    • Create seminars, lectures and programs on issues and history of schism
    • Organize prayer, pilgrimages and conferences
  • Supporting Eastern Christian Churches
    • Promote scholarships and seminaries
    • Contribute to fund raising and financial support

In the United States, the Orientale Lumen Foundation provides a non-profit support and administration for the Society of Saint John Chrysostom.  Local chapters through the country provide local programs of education and prayer.

National Society of Saint John Chrysostom:

Listing of Local Society of Saint John Chrysostom chapters: