Juniper Ambassador Program

In August of 2012 Juniper created the Ambassador program to recognize community members that show a strong commitment to help others with their networking needs.  I’m happy to be one of the first seven community members selected to be part of this program.

I’m looking forward to meeting more technical experts at Juniper and getting even better networking skills as a result.

Ambassador Program Announcement

Be sure to stop by the J-net forums and join the community discussing networking configurations and issues.

2015 Update:

The Ambassador program gives us access to NDA pre-release technical briefings along with an opportunity to discuss the roadmap and platform issues with the Juniper product line mangers and engineers.  This is very helpful in understanding where the product lines are moving to hit the market.  We also have technical deep dive sessions with leading engineers for the various product lines.  This provides a chance to discuss applications and architecture issues.

Annually Juniper sponsors a trip for all the Ambassadors to come out to Juniper headquarters for a series of live sessions.  This has been a great learning opportunity and a chance to meet face-to-face with leading engineers and product line managers, a fantastic learning opportunity.

Me and my new Ambassador Polo Shirt

Originally Posted August 15, 2012
Last Revised on November 14, 2015