Phillipian Fast – Messiah

Messiah: The Prophetic Message On The Coming Of Christ

Christians accept that Jesus Christ is the messiah that the prophets promised would come into the world. During the 40 day Phillipian Fast before the Nativity of Christ we especially remember that Jesus is the messiah and the basis for this belief.

This series of three Parish Bulletin inserts explores the basics of the prophetic message on the messiah. They are formatted as 4 pages on 8.5 x 14 two sided and folded in PDF file format. The links to the right “Related Resources”. All material is free for use in church or education but may not be sold or otherwise profited from. I do retain copyright on all material.

Messiah 1

Messiah 2

Messiah 3

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Originally Posted November 05, 2011
Last Revised on November 05, 2011