Manuscript April Menaion

Text Only for Liturgical Usage

From the rare book collection at the SS Cyril & Methodius Seminary Library in Pittsburgh, PA. Bound hand written manuscript missing cover and the binding is loose in many places. There are 518 pages (259 sheets).  There is a single blank sheet before title page, which is blank on the reverse side. The remaining text is written on both sides and two blank sheets are after last page of manuscript.  

Text manuscript is hand scribed Cyrillic for the main text in two columns.  The title divisions of the text are compressed lettering which also include abbreviations via Titla.  There are 30 major section titles likely for each day and two smaller titles without the large image, starting on the PDF 6 after the title sheet and of various length throughout the manuscript.

There are Cyrillic page numbers usually occur on the pages throughout but not on every page.  And the numbers do not follow fully with the physical page location from the beginning of the bound manuscript.  These may be a later binding of individual manuscripts into this final order.

The first blank sheet before the title page has a later handwritten note, not by manuscript scribe, on the front side only of the blank sheet.  This is in cursive latin letters and hard to read and appears to be two names and the date 1915.

Two sections have cursive Cyrillic notes in the area after the section.  These are located on manuscript PDF 83 and 125 by physical page count. These notes are in a different handwriting and pen than the main manuscript text.

The final two sheets are blank on both sides after the last text of the manuscript.

The manuscript was likely a compilation for liturgical usage in church or monastery. 

Date 173? (last digit not clear in Cyrillic possibly 5 1735)

Full PDF scan of manuscript in color 435 Meg: