Society of Saint John Chrysostom – Pittsburgh

The Society of Saint John Chrysostom promotes understanding of Eastern Christian Churches and promotes Christian unity of east and west while providing material support to Eastern Christian churches.

*****Forming a Pittsburgh Chapter of the Society of Saint John Chrysostom****

We are looking to form a Pittsburgh local chapter of the Society of Saint John Chrysostom.  The basic starting format would be periodic two hour meetings opening with prayer and holding a lecture or discussion on a related topic with a speaker or leader announced in advance.

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Take Survey on Meeting Times

The Byzantine Catholic Seminary of SS Cyril and Methodious will be hosting the initial meetings.

SS Cyril & Methodius Seminary – Northside
3605 Perrysville Ave
Pittsburgh PA 15214

This survey is looking for input on possible days and topics for meetings.  There are only three simple questions on a single page.

  • Order in preference weekday evening, Saturday morning and Sunday Afternoons as the meeting time.
  • Volunteer as Deacon or Priest to lead the prayer service
  • Provide possible topics or speakers for meetings

History and Mission

Founded in London, UK in 1926, the Society of Saint John Chrysostom has three main areas of mission:

Education and promotion of Eastern Christian Churches history, worship, spirituality and theology

  • Create educational programs
    • Publish educational material
    • Encourage learning and research
  • Working for Christian Unity East & West
    • Create seminars, lectures and programs on issues and history of schism
    • Organize prayer, pilgrimages and conferences
  • Supporting Eastern Christian Churches
    • Promote scholarships and seminaries
    • Contribute to fund raising and financial support

In the United States, the Orientale Lumen Foundation provides a non-profit support and administration for the Society of Saint John Chrysostom.  Local chapters through the country provide local programs of education and prayer.

National Society of Saint John Chrysostom:

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