Technical Notes and Musings

My meager attempt to share some tips and tricks and other niceties picked up along the way. I'm primarily working with enterprise network firewalls and Windows server systems running on VMware virtualization. I'm fortunate to have had some great hands-on experience over the years resulting in the network version of bloody knuckles. My current environment has a lot of great technology and a strong company to run it for.

On the network side I'm running basically a IPSEC VPN hub and spoke network. We have about 90 mainland USA clinics and offices connecting to a datacenter rack provided by Sungard in Denver. Our Hawaii operation is frame relay among the islands with a T1 back to Denver from the Hawaii hub. We run mostly Sonicwall appliances but are in the process of migrating to route based VPN from the Juniper SSG line.

We are a small but growing VMware shop with three host servers at the data center. We're int the process of migrating more virtual to keep the growth rate of rack usage down. The servers are basically all Windows Server 2003. There are about 20 physical and 30 virtual machines at the data center with another 20 physical servers spread through the regional offices. We also have a couple big Sun Solaris box to run the Sybase ASE and replication server on windows. A few of those virtual machines are special purpose Linux boxes too.

So that's my world view. Small to medium network running VPN over the internet with mostly windows servers doing the work.

Introduction to Learning Windows 7

By Steve Puluka on 26-Nov-10 10:41. Comments (2)

This year I was able to take the official Microsoft course 6292 on Windows 7 and then subsequently passed the “Configuring Windows 7” exam 70-680. I now have the MCTS Windows 7 moniker. I've compiled this list of resources that were helpful to me in getting my head around the many changes in Win7.

IP Address Tools

By Steve Puluka on 13-Mar-10 09:21. Comments (0)

I recently had to do some calculations to carve out big blocks of ip addresses for forwarding and nat rules. They varied by each site I was connecting because of the locally assigned internal address. The calculator I normally use was for different purposes. What I needed was a way to convert a random IP range into CIDR notation for creating the rules. I found a tool to do just that trick.

Windows Command line Shutdown & Restart

By Steve Puluka on 15-Feb-10 22:20. Comments (0)

The ability to restart a computer either local or remote from the command line is useful in a variety of circumstances.

Web Programming Link Collection

By Steve Puluka on 21-Jun-09 18:33. Comments (1)

A list of links collected over the last four years of programming in PHP & MYSQL for the web. These sites have proven useful for various functions. I use Dreamweaver with Homesite on the PC or BBedit on the Mac. Although in the last year or so I've just used Dreamweaver alone. Hence the collection of extentions for those products.

Microsoft Learning & Technet Subscriptions

By Steve Puluka on 21-Jun-09 10:32. Comments (1)

I've been running and supporting Microsoft server technologies since 1998. I still miss Novell and only came reluctantly to the Microsoft server camp but the stuff does work and offer a lot of features for a business network. I've learned mostly by reading the manuals, white papers and books on the various technologies over the years and working with the actual implementations.

Office 2003 to 2007 Menu Maps

By Steve Puluka on 20-Jun-09 15:17. Comments (0)

Have you been frustrated using Office 2007 trying to find that feature you knew exactly where it was in Office 2003 and previous versions? I've been using office since my purchase of Word 2.0 on Windows 2.0 and loved the progression of features. That is until this last incarnation. Now everything I ever knew was hidden from me.