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The liturgical services and seasons shape the life of the eastern churches. These cycles of services and regular commemorations provide context for our understanding of life and scripture.

Phillipian Fast - Messiah

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Christians accept that Jesus Christ is the messiah that the prophets promised would come into the world. During the 40 day Phillipian Fast before the Nativity of Christ we especially remember that Jesus is the messiah and the basis for this belief.

Winter Pascha

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Winter Pascha is the term coined by Father Thomas Hopko and the title of his book of reflections for the Phillipian Fast. This forty day fast before the feast of the Nativity on December 25. The book is organized as a daily reflection for the period. there are forty short sections covering the important themes that help prepare for the incarnation of our Lord.

Purpose of the Phillipian Fast

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Fasting periods prior to major feasts in our calendar are meant to prepare us for the feast. Unlike the Great Fast before the Feast of the Resurrection, the Nativity Fast is seldom known or practiced by te Eastern Christians. Since the Nativity events hold less importance than Pascha, the Feast of Feasts, a detailed structure never evolved for the Nativity Fast. Yet the this fast is an ancient practice in preparation for the feast of the Incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ. This forty-day fast is important and should be preserved and practiced. The Nativity Fast can help us to better understand and appreciate God’s entire saving plan.

Great Fast Journey

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I prepared a series of notes for the season of the Great Fast. We passed them out on each Sunday of the Great Fast. I used the book by Father Alexander Schmemann, "Great Lent: Journey to Pascha", as a guide. Each of these note sheets covered the material in one chapter of the book and added some pull quotes from scripture and liturgical texts. The book is credited on the first page of each insert with purchase information from Saint Vladimir's Seminary press. I love Father Alexander's work. I hope that these notes provide the gateway to purchasing and reading the full account in the original.


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Antimensia are a cloth with a relic embedded blessed by a bishop on which the Divine Liturgy is conducted in Byzantine tradition churches. These at once provide the relic for the celebration and a living liturgical connection with the reigning bishop for the church in the area. Here I provide a copy of the booklet published by the Passaic Eparchy "Byzantine-Ruthenian Antimensia in the Episcopal and Heritage Institute Libraries of the Byzantine Catholic Diocese of Passaic" compiled by Right Reverend Mitred Archimandrite Januarius M. Izzo. I offer this in multiple formats.

Ambon Prayers Bibliography (PDF)

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The Liturgical Psalter

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The Psalms are a central feature of Christian worship, a practice we inherited from our Jewish forebears. The Psalms are used in a variety of ways liturgically in the Eastern Churches. The fixed cycle of daily services has certain Psalms assigned to them.Certain Psalm verses are assigned to specific functions during the services. The Psalter is read once per week distributed through these services. The Psalter is also one of the most commented on books of the bible by the fathers.

Liturgy Bibliography

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Further reading suggestions and sources on liturgy.

Christmas Eve Holy Supper

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Excerpted from "God with Us: a journey of Expectation, Preparation and Fulfillment" published by the Byzantine Seminary Press. The book also includes chapters on fasting, theology of the incarnation and Old Testament prophecies. Meditations on the scripture and liturgical texts for all the major feasts in preparation for the Nativity and Theophany of our Lord.