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As a cantor in the Carpatho-Rusyn tradition I have a strong interest in learning and sharing our liturgical chant. These few pages are a start to that sharing.

Prostopinije Introduction and Resources

By Steve Puluka on 06-Jun-10 18:43. Comments (3)

Prostopinije is the name for the Capatho-Rusyn chant tradition. Roughly translated "plain chant" is a system of relatively simple music for the congregational singing of the divine services. These are typically lead by a single or small group of cantors with the entire congregation joining in the chant. This section has a brief discussion of the chant system and a reprint of the history of prostopinije by Dr. Stephen Reynolds.

Chant Manuscript

By Steve Puluka on 21-Mar-09 21:44. Comments (2)

I acquired this manuscript from an antique dealer in Atlanta on eBay. The manuscript is an Old Church Slavonic Obikhodnik Chant book, hand written in black with chant notation in both black and red. The cover is gilt tooled calf with two claps, one is broken. There are three raised bands on the spine. Page edges are stained red. Size is 7.5 x 9.5" and it is 2.5" thick. There is no title page, content begins immediately.

Church Slavonic

By Steve Puluka on 16-Mar-09 21:17. Comments (4)

Church Slavonic is a rich and beautiful language used in the sung prayer for much of Eastern Europe. In the United States today most of these common services are available in English, but Church Slavonic is still a rich source for study and understanding for liturgy in these traditions. Certainly for cantors, readers and others with a serious interest in these liturgical traditions the study of Church Slavonic is a helpful element for spiritual enrichment and textual study.