My Split Personality

The two spheres of my life are a love of God through the Byzantine Christian tradition and a fascination with how science and technology interacts with human culture. I've pursued both interests with varying degrees of success over the years. And in some cases, like this web site, I've been able to see the interests overlap.

Spiritual Pursuits

From my earliest memories in youth I recall a fascination and love for the ritual of the Byzantine liturgical tradition. I learned to sing with gusto from the front row in my little Rusyn parish (Dormition of Mary) in small Manville, NJ (now moved to Hillsbourgh). This ultimately led to my two years as a college seminarian at Saints Cyril & Methodius Seminary in Pittsburgh. Since leaving behind the vocation of priesthood in the mid-eighties, I've been active as both a religious educator and cantor for my parish in Mckees Rocks (Holy Ghost). I've recently earned my masters degree in Theology from Duquesne University and continue to teach whenever possible.

The details of my academic and cantorial pursuits are found in the links below. I certainly don't claim expertise in either area, but neither am I a novice. The information will help you place what I have to say on the site in context. I've also tried to include references to true experts work in many of my own musings.

Technical Endeavors

I caught the bug for experimenting with electronics young. One of the earliest projects I remember was building a small AM transmitter kit and using it as a wireless bug for my siblings rooms. My father was a big influence and inspiration in this regard. He worked as a lab tech at Bell Labs in Murray Hill, NJ where tons of fascinating discoveries were made in my youth. I really wish I had gotten to keep some of those hand made diodes and transistors that he cranked out in the day. This ultimately led to my diploma in Broadcast Electronics and eventually a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology. These gave me foundation to play with electronic gadgets for a living.

I started my meandering career on the video production side of electronics in the mid-eighties. Working for in-house production and installation firms and helping to create and stage large and small AV presentations. As personal computers became more important to the process I migrated to managing first Mac and PC LANs and later the server and network technologies. While many people hate change, I've enjoyed the constant progress and transition of the field. Moving from the extinct technologies of DEC VAX to Novell Netware and currently Windows Server and now the wonders of VMware virtualization. I still wax nostalgic about what I miss in the old but I love the march forward none the less.

Again, I claim no great expertise in any of the technologies I currently support. I'm pretty good at figuring out what needs to happen and enjoy the process most of the time. My resume shows the most recent roles I've been lucky enough to have and can help you decide how much of a grain of salt to take my technical musings and suggestions.